Join us starting Wednesday, February 15th as Wikia walks you down its Road to the Red Carpet. We’ll take you on an 11-day tour of our film communities as our movie experts cover all things Oscars-related. Did you know that Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has been nominated for three Academy Awards? The folks over at the Harry Potter Wiki know, and they’ve got all the details. And what’s this “Man or Muppet” tune nominated for Best Song? Let the Muppet Wiki show you the way.

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Each day we’ll update the slider above with links.

Oscars12 day10
Oscars12 day9

Visit the Oscars Wiki to check out the FULL LIST of Oscar Nominees HERE.

Vote on the poll on Harry Potter Wiki to guess how many Oscars Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will win HERE!

Vote on the poll for which film will win for best music on the Tintin wiki, HERE!

Oscars12 day8
Oscars12 day7
Oscars12 day6

Should there be a category for comic book films in the Oscars? Vote on Marvel Movies Wiki HERE!

Which animated film deserves an Oscars? Weigh in on ShrekWiki HERE!

Is Rooney Mara worthy of her Oscars nomination? Vote for your favorite Lisbeth Salander performance HERE!

Oscars12 day5
Oscars12 day4
Oscars12 day3

Is Rango worthy of an Oscar nomination? Vote and weigh in HERE!

How many Oscars do you think Transformers, Dark of the Moon will be taking home? Vote on the poll HERE!

Check out one of our animated film Oscars Countdown Participants, the Kung Fu Panda Wiki, HERE!

Oscars12 day2
Oscars12 day1

Vote on the Oscars poll for best picture HERE!

Lifelong fan of the Muppets? Read the hilarious interview with the founder of Muppet Wiki HERE!

Enter Wikia's Oscar Pool HERE to win 1 of 3 prizes!

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