Directed By
Brian Robbins
Produced By
Nicholas Cage, Stephanie Danan, Norman Golightly, Brian Robbins, Sharla Sumpter Bridget
Written By
Steve Koren
Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Cliff Curtis, Clark Duke, Allison Janney
Release Date
20 April 2012
A Thousand Words is a 2012 American comedy film starring Eddie Murphy.


Fast-talking literary agent Jack McCall is cursed with a magical tree with a thousand leaves--every leaf stands for a word, and each leaf falls off when he speaks each word. When all the leaves have fallen, he will die.


  • Eddie Murphy as Jack McCall
  • Cliff Curtis as Dr. Sinja
  • Clark Duke as Aaron Wisenberger
  • Kerry Washington as Jack McCall's Wife
  • Ariel Winter as Lila
  • Steve Little as Co-Worker
  • Allison Janney
  • John Witherspoon
  • Jack McBrayer

Featured Video Edit

A Thousand Words (2012) - Home Video Trailer 2 for A Thousand Words01:39

A Thousand Words (2012) - Home Video Trailer 2 for A Thousand Words

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