Adam Wylie (born May 23, 1984, in San Dimas, California) is an American television and motion picture actor, as well as a Broadway musical performer, and a former Crayola spokesman. Probably best known for playing Zack Brock in the television series Picket Fences, Wylie has done extensive cartoon voice-over work, and in 2002, appeared in Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods. His role in Into the Woods was meta-referenced on Gilmore Girls as being done by his character in that series, Brad Langford.

Adam Wylie has appeared in many other television programs, including Boy Meets World, Sliders, Touched by an Angel, Ed, Gilmore Girls, and MTV Undressed as well as in numerous shows in guest roles. Wylie's voice credits include Batman Beyond, Hey Arnold!, Pepper Ann, As Told By Ginger and Midnight Club II.

Wylie's first motion picture appearance was in Child's Play 2, and he also had major roles in Kindergarten Cop, Santa With Muscles, Under Wraps, and Children of the Corn V. He also starred in several Crayola Kids' Club-produced movies.

Wylie continues to perform in off-Broadway musical theatre, and frequently appears in television programs, and has several projects currently in production. His next project (Fall 2006) will be as the voice of Brainiac 5 in the animated television show Legion of Super-Heroes.

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Adam provided the voice for the character "Josh" in Walt Disney Television Animation's pilot "Kitty's Dish".

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