Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is a 1985 American adventure fantasy film directed by Bill L. Norton and starring William Katt, Sean Young, Patrick McGoohan, and Julian Fellowes. The story is based on actual rumors about dinosaur-like creatures (called Mokele-mbembe) still existing in Africa.


An American couple (William Katt and Sean Young) finds a family of surviving apatosaurs (also called brontosaurs) in Central Africa and their struggle to protect them from a greedy scientist (Patrick McGoohan) and the military.



The dinosaur-effects are all animatronic, since this was before the widespread use of CGI in motion pictures.


Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend received generally negative reviews; the film currently holds a 10% 'rotten' rating on review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.[1]


Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

The score to Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, a hybrid of orchestral and synthetic elements, was composed and conducted by veteran composer Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith recalled the experience with such fondness that he insisted it be included in an industry tribute album featuring highlights from his scores in 1993. A limited extended soundtrack was released 8 April 2008 through Intrada Records and features sixteen tracks of score at a running time just over fifty-three minutes.[2]

  1. "The Sketch" (0:44)
  2. "No Problem" (0:44)
  3. "The Visitors" (2:27)
  4. "New Friends #1" (1:17)
  5. "New Friends #2" (0:33)
  6. "The Family" (4:04)
  7. "Dad" (7:10)
  8. "Tears" (1:25)
  9. "The Tent" (2:53)
  10. "Dragon Breath" (6:48)
  11. "The Search" (3:09)
  12. "The Jump" (4:31)
  13. "The Captives" (2:01)
  14. "Base Camp Assault" (4:15)
  15. "The Rescue" (3:37)
  16. "Just a Legend" (7:31)


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