BadKidsHell 001
Daddy's Money Can't Save Them Now
Directed By
Written By
Matthew Spradlin
[Barry "Bazza" Wernick]]
Musical Score
Brian Flores
Release Date
December 7, 2012
Rating NR

Bad Kids Go to Hell is a 2012 film based on the best selling graphic comics/novel of the same name directed by Matthew Spradlin. Although the theatrical release date scheduled a limited release October 27, 2012 followed by a release nationwide December 7, 2012, it had numerous free screenings throughout the US and Canada in advance of the actual release date in order to give fans of the best selling comic book series/graphic novel a chance to see the movie first. Advanced screenings included San Diego Comic-Con, Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, and Special Event screenings at Studio Movie Grill stadium theater locations across the US.

The Breakfast Club meets Ten Little Indians in this sexy, dark comedy-thriller!


On a stormy Saturday afternoon, six students from Crestview Academy begin to meet horrible fates as they serve out their detentions. Is a fellow student to blame, or perhaps Crestview's alleged ghosts are behind the terrible acts?


Judd Nelson as Headmaster Nash
Amanda Alch as Megan McDurst
Ben Browder as Max
Cameron Deane Stewart as Matt Clark
Marc Donato as Tarek Ahmed
Chanel Ryan as Ms. Gleason
Ali Faulkner as Tricia Wilkes
Roger Edwards as Craid Cook
Eloise DeJoria as Governor Wilkes
Augie Duke as Veronica Harmon


Music plays a major component in the movie. The original score was composed by Brian Flores of BREED Music (the same company that was part of the team that won the 2012 Oscar Winning Animated Short "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore." Songs from the movie come from bands: Semi Precious Weapons, Awolnation, Rebecca & Fiona, The M Machine, Innerpartysystem, A Giant Dog, the Hex Dispensers, Red Animal War, and Grammy Award Winning Producer John Congleton.



Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012) - Official Trailer 102:21

Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012) - Official Trailer 1

Bad Kids Go to Hell Trailer02:30

Bad Kids Go to Hell Trailer

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