Biała sukienka (White dress) - Polish moral movie released in 2003, directed by Michał Kwieciński.

Plot Edit

The story is set in a small town in the east Poland in Corpus Christi. People are preparing traditional Catholic procession. People looks rather happy, but not everything goes well. For example, one family unfortunately destroys white dress, which must be weared by girls during procession.

At the same time two young men are travelling by car and talking about religion and lifestyle. One of them is an atheist, who criticise religions. Second man doesn't agree with him. They lead long, interesting discussion.

Quotes Edit

  • Mało to razy padało? To nie skoki narciarskie. Procesja musi być! (How much times rained? It's not a ski-jumping. Procession must be!)
  • No, przestało padać. To się nazywa happy end. Jak w Hollywood. (Rain stoped! It is happy end. Like in Hollywood.)
    • Priest
  • Wierzyć – może i nie wierzysz. Ale pewien to ty już nigdy nie będziesz. (Believe. Maybe you really don't believe, but you will never be sure.)
  • Z tym innym życiem to trzeba zacząć od zaraz. (You must start your new life now.)
    • Damian to Maciek

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