CSA is a company that rates television and cinema content in France and tries to protect children from harm. It is a compulsory system which gives out six ratings: U, -10( (television only), -12, -16 and -18. Further details follow:

Age ratings usedEdit

Image Short name Long name(In English) Description
U Universal Valid for all audiences*
-10 Not recommended for under 10 Unsuitable for under 10s**
-12 Prohibited from under 12 Unsuitable for under 12s or forbidden for under 12s
-16 Prohibited from under 16 Unsuitable for under 16s or forbidden for under 16s
-18/X Explicit Unsuitable for under 18s or forbidden for under 18s

An asterisk means it is only visible for cinema
A double asterisk means it is only used for the television

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