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Directed by Perci Intalan
Written by Jun Lana
Starring Nora Aunor
Jasmine Curtis
Chanel Latorre
Studio Octobertrain Films
The IdeaFirst Company
Distributed by Studio 5
Release date(s) 2014
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog, English

Dementia is an upcoming independent horror film that will be directed by Perci Intalan and will be his directorial debut.[1] The movie will star Nora Aunor and filming is expected to commence in March 2014 in Batanes.[2] Dementia's story surrounds the character of Mara, a woman faced with both dementia and strange occurrences in her ancestral home. The movie's theme of dementia stems from the director's experiences with his mother, who had Alzheimer's Disease.[3]


In the hopes of helping her aunt Mara (Nora Aunor) better deal with her dementia, Nora (Jasmine Curtis) moves her out to their family's remote ancestral home. There Nora records Mara's daily activities and helps engage the older woman in exercises that would help her cognitive thinking, such as putting together jigsaw puzzles. What Nora didn't plan on is that Mara's presence in the house will stir up memories and presences that are better left undisturbed.[3]



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