Disney's Greatest Villains was a 90-minute one-hour television special as part of The Wonderful World of Disney that originally aired in Saturday, 12. June 1981 on NBC from included portions of both Disney's Halloween Treat (1982) and Disney's Greatest Villains (1977).

It hosted by the off-screen narrator (late by played voice of Corey Burton) featuring Disney animated film of various villains, Writted by Galen R. Brandit with music by John Debney.

It was later on hosted by the villain star of Walt Disney's Jungle Book, the tiger Shere Khan, and his villain co-star Kaa. Together, they attempt to answer the eternal question, "Oh mirror in my royal hand, who's the really nastiest in the entire land?". Shere Khan said, "Without doubt, the great Disney Villains".

Disney's Greatest Villains would be shown again returns in The Magical World of Disney programming on Disney Channel aired in Sunday, 24. July 1982.

Disney's Greatest Villains in the United Kingdom video release of Walt Disney Home Video: Cartoon Classics aired in Friday, 19. August 1983.

Another similar special titled Disney's Halloween Treat and A Disney Halloween aired in 1982 and 1983 which featured segments from both Disney's Greatest Villains and the 1956 and 1977 specials Our Unsung Villains and Disney's Greatest Villains.

Introduction Edit

In some versions, Disney's their-chairman Michael Eisner and introduces the special along with Mickey Mouse (Wayne Allwine), Minnie Mouse (Russi Taylor), Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo), Daisy Duck (Tress MacNeillie), Goofy and Pluto (Bill Farmer) as costumed characters with Disney theme parks.

Segment with the Disney Characters Edit

In order of appearance, The following segments were run after the segment of the program:

The Mickey Mouse Club Edit

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