DormanInLove 001
She's a Work in Progress
Directed By
Brad Leong
Written By
Wendy Kout
Sara Rue, Scott Wilson, Elliott Gould
Distributed By
Leoarnard Hill Films
Release Date
March 22, 2013
Rating NR

Dorfman in Love is a 2013 romantic comedy directed by Brad Leong and written by Wendy Kout. It stars Sara Rue, Scott Wilson, Elliott Gould, Catherine Hicks, and Haaz Sleiman.

Plot Edit

Unknowingly trapped in her role as caretaker of her unappreciative family, a young single woman desperately needs to get her own life. When she volunteers to cat sit at her unrequited love’s downtown L.A loft, her world changes forever. In seven days, she meets another man who appreciates her and she not only transforms the mess of a loft but also transforms the mess that is her life.

Cast Edit

  • Sara Rue as Deb Dorfman
  • Scott Wilson as Winston Cooke, Sr.
  • Elliott Gould as Burt Dorfman
  • Catherine Hicks as Rose
  • Haaz Sleiman as Cookie
  • Sophie Monk as Vronka
  • Jonathan Chase as Daniel Dorfman
  • Keri Lynn Pratt as Leeann Dorfman

Trailer Edit

Dorfman in Love Trailer (JM)02:15

Dorfman in Love Trailer (JM)


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