Down is a movie written and directed by Skylar Ernest and Matius Vladislav-McCarty. The movie is about a teen, Robert, who is clinically depressed and is suicidal. He was riding home to take a bunch of pills and finally get it over with when he crashes his bike into a girl named Susan. Susan apologizes for the accident and they end up getting together. His sad life suddenly turns sort of happy. The nhis best friend, Jake, tells him that he thinks Susan might be cheating on him. Rob refuses to believe him and goes home, very angry at his friend for saying this. After a week of not being able to get ahold of Susan, Robert receives a voicemail that says that Susan is dating another man, Tim, and Robert refuses to believe it so he goes on a crazy trip to try and find her.

Expected Date of Release: Unknown

Cast Members: This roster is based on current casted members.

  • Skylar Ernest as Jake Harris

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