This is a page that documents, in detail, what the MPAA ratings are and why are they classified that:

The MPAA ratingsEdit

  • Rating G(General Audiences): Suitable for all. A film in this category will usually contain no or practically no violence, sex or bad language
  • Rating PG(Parental Guidance Suggested): Parents are advised to accompany the child when viewing because it may be unsuitable for them. Mild violence, sex or bad language. Drug use is no longer acceptable at this category(But it used to be). Very mild detail of blood if any
  • Rating PG-13(Parents Strongly Cautioned): When it comes to letting under 13s watch a PG-13 rated movie, parents are advised to re-think about it. Infrequent strong violence and bad language, perhaps mild if frequent, moderate sex with or without a bit of mild nudity and in the case of drugs and detail of blood it should be mild
  • Rating R(Restricted): A minor under age 17 needs accompaniment from their parents or an adult guardian
  • Strong bloody violence, sex or bad language(In the case of nudity moderate)
  • Rating NC-17(No Children Aged 17 Or Under Admitted)

History of the ratingsEdit

Name changesEdit

  • In 1970, the category of M was changed to GP
  • In 1972, that same category changed again to the current PG
  • In 1990, the category of X was changed to NC-17

Rule changesEdit

  • In 1970, like said above, the M category was changed to GP and later PG because it looked stricter than the R category. The GP category mean't General Audiences, Parental Guidance Suggested but some people thought this stood for General Patronage so it eventually changed to PG which stood for Parental Guidance Suggested
  • In 1970 also, the age limit for the R category was raised from 16 to the current 17 age limit. This now meant that children aged 16 years old also had to be accompanied by an adult
  • In 1996, the age limit for the NC-17 category was raised from 17 to the current 18 age limit. This now meant that young adults aged 17 years old also couldn't watch NC-17 rated movies