Fletch Lives is a 1989 comedy film starring Chevy Chase. It was directed by Michael Ritchie with a screenplay by Leon Capetanos based on the character created by Gregory Mcdonald. Fletch Lives was released by Universal Pictures. It is a sequel to the 1985 Fletch.

Plot summaryEdit

Chevy Chase once again plays the reporter Irwin Fletch Fletcher, who learns that he has inherited a mansion in Louisiana. Once arriving, Fletch's Aunt's lawyer is murdered, leaving Fletch to unravel the mystery.

In order to catch the real killers and clear his name, Fletch dons a series of disguises and infiltrates the congregation of television evangelist Jimmy Lee Farnsworth who wants to gain control of Fletch's land in order to build a Christian theme park.

Fletch Lives was filmed in Louisiana.


Selected quotesEdit

  • "It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. I am NOT a big man." - Chevy Chase as Fletch.
  • "Hey, everybody! Ed the Third here owns Harley-Davidson! We're the Nazis from Natchez!" - Dennis Burkley as Joe Jack.
  • "Our families go back for hundreds of years - your great-grandparents owned my great-grandparents and that's how it all started." - Cleavon Little as Calculus Entropy

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