Idiots and Angels is an animated film directed by American Bill Plympton in 2008. The author explains in the presentation leaflet of the film owes much to Topor , but the graphics are sometimes inspired Folon(flying men) also with a hint of Crumb to describe the ordinary cynicism.

edit ]==Synopsis==

A man wakes up one morning with wings on his back. First film by Bill Plympton dark, it addresses a more spiritual and more personal theme. Plympton said it had wanted to portray the struggle that takes place between good and evil in all of us. Well here is symbolized by the wings that grow in character (and he's trying to cut), the daily evil of all stakeholders (nuisance alarm clock ringing, road aggression, smoking, alcoholism worldly, sarcasm, or small great violence ...). His wings, which mocks his entourage, sometimes pushing the character to do well in spite of himself. They are for other effect of lust. Stolen, used to commit crimes benefiting a doctor and an innkeeper, before returning to their original owner before they transform life flying without him, perhaps for new adventures.

edit ]==Datasheet==

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