Inescapable 001
You can never escape your past.
Directed By
Ruba Nadda
Written By
Ruba Nadda
Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson, Marisa Tomei
Alliance Films, Killer Films
Distributed By
IFC Films
Release Date
February 22, 2013
Rating R

Inescapable is a 2013 drama feature film directed by Ruba Nadda and starring Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson, Marisa Tomei, and Oded Fehr.

Plot Edit

One afternoon, on a typical day at work, Adib is confronted with devastating news: His eldest daughter, Muna, has gone missing in Damascus. Now Adib, who has not been back in over 30 years, must return to Syria and deal with his secret past in order to find her. Inescapable is a thriller about a father's desperate search for his daughter and the chaos of the Middle East he left behind.

Cast Edit

  • Alexander Siddig as Adib
  • Joshua Jackson as Paul
  • Marisa Tomei as Fatima
  • Oded Fehr as Sayid
  • Saad Siddiqui as Halim
  • Bonnie Lee Bouman as Emily
  • Jay Anstey as Muna

Trailer Edit

Inescapable Official Movie Trailer HD02:16

Inescapable Official Movie Trailer HD


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