A list of American films released in 1910.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Abraham Lincoln's Clemency Theodore Wharton Leopold Wharton
A Christmas CarolJ. Searle Dawley Marc McDermott, Charles Stanton Ogle
Frankenstein J. Searle Dawley Augustus Phillips, Charles Stanton Ogle, Mary Fuller First film adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
The Fugitive D. W. Griffith Kate Bruce, Edward Dillon Drama
Gentleman Joe Harry Carey
The House with Closed Shutters D. W. Griffith Henry B. Walthall Drama
In Old California D. W. Griffith Frank Powell, Arthur V. Johnson, Marion Leonard, Henry B. Walthall Melodrama First movie shot in Hollywood
In the Border States D. W. Griffith Charles West Drama
A Lad from Old Ireland Sidney Olcott Sidney Olcott, Gene Gauntier, Thomas O'Connor Drama
Pride of the Range Francis Boggs Tom Mix First onscreen role for Hoot Gibson
Ramona D. W. Griffith Mary Pickford, Henry B. Walthall Drama
Roosevelt in Africa Cherry Kearton Theodore Roosevelt Documentary
The Sanitarium Fatty Arbuckle Comedy
The Two Brothers D. W. Griffith Arthur V. Johnson Western
The Unchanging Sea D. W. Griffith Arthur V. Johnson Drama
What the Daisy Said D. W. Griffith Clara T. Bracy, Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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