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A List of American films of 1913 is a compilation of American films that were released in the year 1913.

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Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Adventures of Kathlyn Francis J. Grandon Kathlyn Williams Adventure serial
American Born Sydney Ayres, Harry von Meter, Charles Cummings
Article 47, L' William Garwood, Victory Bateman, Howard Davies
Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life Mack Sennett Mack Sennett, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Barney Oldfield Comedy
Beautiful Bismark William Garwood Drama
Bianca Robert Thornby George Cooper
Bob's Baby Jean Acker Comedy
The Caged Bird William Garwood, Marguerite Snow
Calamity Ann's Beauty
Calamity Ann's Dream
Calamity Ann's Inheritance
Calamity Ann's Vanity
Calamity Ann, Heroine
Cohen Saves the FlagMack Sennett Ford Sterling, Mabel Normand Comedy
The Cub Reporter's Temptation Earle Foxe, Alice Joyce, Tom Moore Drama
Cupid in a Dental Parlor Henry Lehrman Fred Mace Comedy Unconfirmed appearance of Harold Lloyd
A Desperate Chance Kenean Buel Earle Foxe, Alie Hollister, Robert G. Vignola, Helen Lidroth, Miriam Cooper Drama
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Herbert Brenon and Carl Laemmle King Baggot Horror
The Evidence of the Film Lawrence Marston, Edwin Thanhouser William Garwood, Marie Eline Crime
The Face at the Window Earle Foxe, Irene Boyle, Stuart Holmes Drama
His Chum the Baron Mack Sennett Ford Sterling Comedy Unconfirmed appearance of Harold Lloyd
Hulda of the Netherlands
Hurricane in Galveston King Vidor Drama Vidor's directional debut
In the Secret Service Henry MacRae Charles Bartlett Western
A Little Hero George Nichols Mabel Normand, Harold Lloyd Comedy
The Old Monk's Tale J. Searle Dawley Ben F. Wilson Drama First known appearance of Harold Lloyd
The Quakeress Raymond B. West Louise Glaum Drama
Rory o' the Bogs J. Farrell MacDonald J. Warren Kerrigan
The Twelfth JurorGeorge Lessey Ben F. Wilson Drama

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