Murder by Death is a 1976 satire/Black comedy of how five of the world greatest fictional detectives are invited to a spooky mansion by egomanic millionaire Lionel Twain to solve a murder ...his own...


  • Yetta the mute and deaf maid/fake butler Bensommun/ Fake Lionel Twain....Nancy Walker {Yetta is variation of Yenta is a nickname for an overtalkitive female gossip busybody}

Supporting cast:


  • As the fictional detectives leave the weird mansion...they meet Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson coming to the mansion. According to a Wikipedia an early draft of the script would have had Holmes and Watson "solving the case"!
  • Charles Adams who drew the cartoon which was the basis for The Addams family drew the drawings at the beginning, the end and the movie poster.
  • Eileen Brennan also starred in the 1985 black comedy mystery Clue which featured three alternative endings based on the popular board game of six guests in a spook mansion and a mysterious murder-which also would have been a little more funnier if the plot had been based more on the board game..and not relired on so many long drawn out jokes and double entres....


Despite some funny performances-Guinness as the blind butler; Niven as the product of good breading and Coco as the fastious food loving Perrier {he dreads having to eat "Franks and beans"} joke are only so good provided they are not so drawn out again and again...Estelle Winwood would have been better as Miss Marbles/Maples which Lanchester was quite miscast. LIkewise Peter Falk would have been better as a spoof of Columbo instead of imitating Humphrey Bogart and Peter Sellers would have been better as a spoof of Inspector Clouseau instead of imiating Warner Orland. Likewise the more inclusion of Holmes and Watson {the only ones not parodied} could have provided a more satisfactory ending...

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