Directed By
Produced By
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jon Turteltaub
Edited By
Music By
Distributed By
United States
Release Date
November 19, 2004 (2004-11-19)
131 minutes
Rating PG
$100 million

National Treasure is a 2004 adventure film from Walt Disney Studios. It is the first film in the National Treasure franchise. Nicolas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, a historian and amateur cryptologist searching for a lost treasure, once protected by the Knights Templar and hidden by the Freemasons during the early years of the United States. A coded map on the back of the Declaration of Independence points to the location of the "national treasure", but Gates isn't alone in his quest. Whoever can steal the Declaration and decode it first, will find the greatest treasure in history. The film also stars Diane Kruger.

Trivia Edit

Before the movie got its rating, it was originally slated to be released under the Touchstone Pictures banner (which is part of Disney). When the film got its rating (which is PG), it was then put under the Walt Disney Pictures banner, as it is clear that it is a more family-friendly movie.

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