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Night of the Living Bread is a 1990 short film parody of Night of the Living Dead, directed by Kevin S. O'Brien.

The plot is familiar to viewers of zombie movies and those casually acquainted with the genre: the dead come to life, spreading their condition throughout the United States, and preying on the living. However, in this 8 minute film it is not the dead that become re-animated, but bread. This short is also included in "Special Collector's Edition Digitally Remastered 2 Tape Set" from Anchor Bay Entertainment the and the "Millennium Edition" of Night of the Living Dead by Elite Entertainment, the only DVD version of the film currently available that is authorized by George Romero.


A group of people are besieged by rampant slices of killer bread. One gets smothered to death, leaving behind a white bread-strewn corpse. A group of people finds sanctuary in a farmhouse where they take defensive measures, using toasters instead of torches to frighten off the bread and barricading the doors and wall with sandwich bags. At the end of the film, the sole survivor is smothered by the bread.