ParaNorman poster

ParaNorman is a 3D stop-motion animated film produced by Laika, the creators of Coraline and directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell. The film is set for release on August 17, 2012.


When the small town of Blithe Hollow is attacked by the living dead, Norman Babcock, a misunderstood child who can speak to the dead, must put an end to a witch's curse and become a hero.

Voice CastEdit

  • Kodi Smit-McPhee (Norman)
  • Anna Kendrick (Courtney)
  • Leslie Mann (Sandra Babcock)
  • Casey Affleck (Mitch)
  • John Goodman (Mr. Prenderghast)
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Alvin)
  • Bernard Hill (The Judge)
  • Jodelle Ferland (Agatha)
  • Jeremy Shada (Additional Voices)
  • Jeff Garlin (Perry Babcock)
  • Elain Stritch (Grandma)
  • Tempestt Bledsoe (Sheriff Hooper)
  • Tucker Albrizzi (Neil)
  • Hannah Noyes (Salma)


ParaNorman Official Teaser Trailer HD01:37

ParaNorman Official Teaser Trailer HD

ParaNorman (2012) - Trailer for ParaNorman01:24

ParaNorman (2012) - Trailer for ParaNorman

ParaNorman (2012) - Theatrical Trailer 2 for ParaNorman02:31

ParaNorman (2012) - Theatrical Trailer 2 for ParaNorman


  • The name of the film, ParaNorman, is a pun on the word Paranormal.


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