Directed By
Edgar Marie
Produced By
  • Cyril Hauguel
  • Jean Labadie
  • Cyril Colbeau-Justin
  • Jean-Baptiste Dupont
  • Matthieu Guillot.
Written By
Edgar Marie
  • Jacques Gamblin
  • Olivier Marchal
  • Carlo Brandt
  • Reda Kateb
  • Igor Skreblin
  • Francis Renaud
  • Anne Charrier
  • James Kazama
  • Laure Marsac
Distributed By
Screen Media Films
Release Date
October, 2013

Paris Countdown (2013) is a French crime/thriller film written and directed by Edgar Marie, and starring Jacques Gamblin and Olivier Marchal.

Plot Edit

Follows two best friends and co-owners of a Paris nightclub who, in order to pay their debts, are lured into a drug deal that goes bad.[1]

Cast Edit

  • Jacques Gamblin -as- Victor
  • Olivier Marchal -as- Milan
  • Carlo Brandt -as- Serki
  • Reda Kateb -as- Wilfried
  • Igor Skreblin -as- Etienne
  • Francis Renaud -as- José
  • Anne Charrier -as- Sarah
  • James Kazama -as- Chef japonais
  • Laure Marsac -as- Coralie

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