Saluk, voiced by Jerry Orbach, is the villain of the Disney film Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He is a ruthless, violent brute, and he seems to have pleasure in killing, similar to Razoul. His primary weapon is a knuckleduster with 3 bronze claws attached. In Arabic, his name means "a poor low-life thief with no job/work/income that owns nothing."

When Aladdin learns that his father, Cassim, is with the forty thieves, Aladdin assumes that his father is their prisoner. (As it turns out, he is their leader, with Saluk being the only member who doesn't like this setup). When Aladdin arrives at the thieves' lair, Saluk, angry at Cassim for leading them to a failed attempt to steal the oracle from Aladdin's wedding, attempts to kill Cassim, but Aladdin saves him. Saluk then says to the other thieves that they must kill Aladdin for knowing the location of the hideout. Cassim, having little authority over the thieves but wanting to save Aladdin, gives Aladdin the chance to fight for his life. Saluk instantly volunteers to be "the one to test him". Aladdin eventually defeats Saluk, who falls down a cliff during the fight. But Saluk survives, and thinks he's been replaced by Aladdin. This causes Saluk to reveal the location of the thieves' hideout to Razoul, the captain of the guard in Agrabah. When Razoul arrests the thieves, Saluk finds out that Cassim and Aladdin are not among them (they had left to join Aladdin's wedding). When Saluk hears that Aladdin is in Agrabah, he assumes Cassim is too, and has him arrested. Then he returns to the thieves lair, and convinces the remaining seven thieves that it was actually Cassim who gave up the location of the hideout. Then Cassim escapes from prison, with Aladdin's help and steals the oracle. Cassim uses it to find the hand of Midas, which could turn anything it touches into gold. When Cassim and Iago arrive at the thieves' lair, Saluk has them tied up. The thieves sail away, trying to find the Vanishing Island, where the hand of Midas is, with the oracle's help. However, Iago escapes and tells Aladdin. Aladdin and company follow the thieves to the Vanishing Island, where it comes to a great battle. Saluk accidentally turns himself into gold by touching the hand of Midas.

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