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The Cohen Brothers
Coen Brothers
Joel and Ethan Cohen
Writer, Producer, Director

The Coen Brothers are a filmmaking duo brother team. They have written, produced, and directed some of the most original and critically acclaimed films of the twentyfirst century.

Films directed by the Coen brothersEdit

Other worksEdit

  • Crimewave (1985) - film written by the Coens and Sam Raimi, directed by Sam Raimi
  • Gates of Eden (1998) - a collection of short stories written by Ethan Coen
  • Bad Santa (2003) - film starring Billy Bob Thornton, produced by the Coens
  • Paris, je t'aime (2006) - film; segment: "Tuileries"
  • Romance & Cigarettes (2006) - film produced by the Coens and written and directed by John Turturro
  • Suburbicon (TBA) - film written and produced by the Coens, directed by George Clooney

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