The Congress
Thecongress englishposter
Directed By
Ari Folman
Produced By
Diana Elbaum
David Grumbach
Eitan Mansuri
Jeremiah Samuels
Written By
Ari Folman
Based on
Robin Wright
Music By
Max Richter
Distributed By
Warner Bros. (Spain)
Drafthouse Films (United States)
Release Date
15 May 2013 (Cannes)
3 July 2013 (France)

Also known as Les Congrès, The Congress is a 2013 live action/animation film by Ari Folman starring Robin Wright.


Robin Wright is an aging actress with a reputation for being fickle and unreliable, so, without any job prospects, she sells the rights to her digital image and ends up getting her body digitally scanned so that the studio will be able to make movies starring her using only computer-generated characters. Years later, she ends up at the Futurological Congress where the mentioned technology is showcased, and she suddenly realizes that she no longer wants to follow through on the deal.

Believing that human beings should not be made into products, she voices her public opinion and gets in trouble, which then leads to a series of events that Robin was not expecting.

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