The Driver is a 1978 crime film directed by Walter Hill and starring Ryan O'NealBruce Dern, and Isabelle Adjani. Based upon similarities in plot elements, it is heavily influenced by Jean-Pierre Melville's film Le Samouraï. The film is also notable for its impressive car chases, its no-frills style of filmmaking, and its rarely speaking, unnamed titular character.

Plot Edit

A professional driver (Ryan O'Neal) steals cars to drive as getaway vehicles for big-time robberies in Los Angeles. Hot on the Driver's trail is the Detective (Bruce Dern), a conceited cop who refers to the Driver as "the cowboy who's never been caught" and is willing to go to any length to bring him down. The Detective becomes so obsessed that he sets up a bank job in order to entice, trap, and ultimately arrest, the Driver.

Cast Edit

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