The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure is the first of many animated sequels to the film The Land Before Time. It was released six years after the original. After the release of this sequel, all the films in the series have been released at a rate of one movie every one or two years.

Directed/Produced by Roy Allen Smith. Produced by Zahra Dowlatabadi. Written by John Loy, John Lubin, and Dev Ross.

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As the opening song of the film (Peaceful Valley) indicates, Littlefoot and company's arrival to the Great Valley is a relatively recent occurrence.

In search of more adventure, the kids find a hideaway to hang out in and spot two "egg-eaters" making off with an egg. The kids chase the thieves and accidentally wind up making a big hole in part of the wall surrounding the Great Valley, now allowing carnivorous dinosaurs to get in. Regardless, they seemingly recover the egg. The egg they were after just rolls back home during the ordeal, and they actually wind up bringing back an egg containing an infant Tyrannosaurus rex through a somewhat playful twist of fate. Naturally, the two thieves want their egg back, and the parents of the infant sharptooth want their baby back. Chaos soon breaks out throughout the entire Great Valley. Meanwhile, the children have grown attached to their new friend, the baby sharptooth, whom they appropriately name Chomper. But in the end, the only solution to regain their peaceful way of life in the valley is to give the parents back their baby and close the way in once they leave.

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Spoiler warning: The following contains plot details about
the entire movie.


This was a major success in sales, and is generally well received among fans of the series. This is shown through the multiple sequels it has since then given rise to.

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