The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze is the eighth movie in the Land Before Time series.


When the dinosaur families get trapped in a valley by an ice storm, one family of "spike tail" dinosaurs volunteers to leave since they consume more food than the others. Meanwhile, the young dinos and a new adult dinosaur named Mr. Thicknose, who professes to be a know-it-all, head out to bring back their friend Spike, who has left his friends to be with members of his own species.

Voice CastEdit


The songs are written by Michelle Bourman and Amanda McBroom.


  • Jeremy Suarez, the voice of Tippy, the new spiketail character, also voiced Koda in Brother Bear.
  • Robert Guillaume, the voice of Mr. Thicknose, also voiced Rafiki in The Lion King trilogy.
  • This is the third time Spike has ever spoken; his cry of "Mama!" as he falls into the river and when Tippy's mother asks if he smells something and he says "Um-hm" .

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