PowerFew 010
We are all watching.
Directed By
Leone Marucci
Produced By
Fred D'Amico, Jimmy Holcomb, Q'orianka Kilcher, Roy Scott MacFarland, Leone Marucci, Jay Thames
Written By
Leone Marucci
Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Q'orianka Kilcher
Music By
Michael Simpson
Steelyard Pictures, iQ Films
Distributed By
Steelyard Pictures
Release Date
February 15, 2013

The Power of Few is a 2013 crime drama feature film directed and written by American filmmaker, Leone Marucci. This interactive film was produced by Marucci through Steelyard Pictures with Q'orianka Kilcher and her company iQ Films. Ensemble cast features Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Kilcher, Moon Bloodgood, and more. Through The Power of Few website, Marucci and Kilcher developed and delivered a ground breaking interactive experience embarked upon in 2006. From online casting to online editing, the global audience was provided original material from the film (and an online editing system) and invited to help create the finished film. The interactive collaboration continued beyond the website as the production ran an extensive community outreach program in the city of New Orleans during filming.

Plot Edit

Spies, cops, holy fools and well-armed children cross paths on a day of danger, mystery and possible transformation. 'The Power of Few' unfolds over twenty minutes on one New Orleans afternoon, experienced through the lives of five unusual characters who unknowingly are connected to an extraordinary smuggling operation as religious conspiracy collides with urban crime.

Cast Edit

  • Christopher Walken as Doke
  • Christian Slater as Clyde
  • Q'orianka Kilcher as Alexa
  • Anthony Anderson as Junkshow
  • Jesse Bradford as Dom
  • Moon Bloodgood as Mala
  • Nicky Whelan as Marti
  • Devon Gearhart as Cory
  • Jordan Prentice as Brown
  • Juvenile as Shamu
  • Tione Johnson as Fueisha
  • Navid Negahban as Sahel
  • Derek Richardson as Shane

Trailer Edit

The Power of Few TRAILER 1 (2013) - Christopher Walken, Christian Slater Movie HD02:24

The Power of Few TRAILER 1 (2013) - Christopher Walken, Christian Slater Movie HD


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