The Scarecrow
Scarecrow 2000 WBFE.jpg
Directed by Richard Rich
Brian Nissen
Produced by Terry L. Noss
Richard Rich
Thomas J. Tobin
Screenplay by Brian Nissen
Story by Richard Rich
Brian Nissen
Based on Original short:
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Percy MacKaye
Starring Shawn Hoffman
Belinda Montgomery
Ray Porter
Corey Feldman
Paul Masonson
Music by Kurt Bestor
Editing by Joe Campana
Studio Rich Animation Studios
Distributed by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
Release date(s) August 26, 2000 (2000-08-26)
Running time 81 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Scarecrow is a 2000 American animated fantasy film written and directed by Brian Nissen and Richard Rich, who had both previously collaborated on The Swan Princess in 1994.


In the time of the Pilgrims, a scarecrow, who is brought to life and can look like a human being as long as he wears a feather in his cap, endeavors—with the help of an enchanted broomstick and a wisecracking mouse—to rescue a sweet, noble girl and three other orphans from an evil villain.


  • Shawn Hoffman as The Scarecrow/Feathertop
  • Belinda Montgomery as Polly
  • Ray Porter as Grisham
  • Corey Feldman as Max
  • Paul Masonson as Cheswick
  • Prince Davidson as Cooper


The Scarecrow has no approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but currently has a Want-To-See score of 33%.


Even though it takes place during the Pilgrim years, the song/dance sound more modern.


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