The Thief and the Cobbler (originally released in theaters as Arabian Knight) is a 1993 British animated fantasy film produced by Richard
Arabian Knight (1995) Poster

Arabian Knight (1995) Poster

Williams, and distributed by Majestic (Princess), Miramax (Arabian) and Lionsgate Home Entertainment (Arabian and UK Release). It centered around a Cobbler named "Tack" who lives in a kingdom which is protected from evil only by the power of the three Gold Balls, which lay atop a tower in the city. When the Gold Balls are taken from the tower by a nameless Thief and an attack by a race of one-eyed men called the One-Eyes on the horizon, Tack, along with the king's daughter, Princess Yum-Yum, embark on a journey to reclaim the Gold Balls and save the kingdom.  It was the final released film to star Vincent Price , though it was shot before the earlier-released Edward Scissorhands .


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