Directed By
Written By
Robin Hardy (screenplay and book)
Christopher Lee, Graham McTavish and Honeysuckle Weeks

The Wicker Tree is a 2011 drama/horror/mystery film by British director Robin Hardy, set for release in the US in January 2012. The film contains several similar elements to the 1973 film The Wicker Man which was also directed by Hardy, but is neither a sequel nor a remake of that film. The film premiered in July 2011 at the Fantasia Festival in Canada.


  • Graham McTavish – Sir Lachlan Morrison
  • Jacqueline Leonard – Delia Morrison
  • Clive Russell – Beame
  • Henry Garrett – Steve
  • Brittania Nicol – Beth
  • Honeysuckle Weeks – Lolly
  • Keith Warwick – Donald Dee
  • James Mapes – Reverend Moriarty
  • Christopher Lee – Old Man
  • David McGinty – Man in bar
  • Keira McMillan – Morag


'The Wicker Tree' Trailer HD01:52

'The Wicker Tree' Trailer HD

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