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Anthony Studios

The Anthony Studios in Tucson ,Arizona , United States, serves as the corporate headquarters for AnthonyCompany media conglomerate. Besides housing offices for the company's many divisions, the Anthony Studios (20.6 ha) studio lot also contains several sound stages, a backlot and other production facilities for Anthony Studios ' motion picture production.

The Studios are one of two major film studios that do not currently offer backlot tours to the general public, the other being 20th Century Fox. For several years, [by Anthony] has offered tours of the studio, but only as an integral component of their six-day, five-night Southern California tour package. The other way to tour the studio is to join the official an club, which offers tours to members every few months. The studio used to open to the public once a year in November on the Saturday before Thanksgiving for its annual Magical Holiday Faire craft sale, but stopped hosting the Faire around 2003.The Studio is a part of the [Studios]' Anthony Studios  Services unit along with Animal Tales  Animal Factory StudiosDraw Animation and Blender Animation

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Anthony Studios

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