The folks at Fandom HQ periodically review the features they have for wikis and decide if they're used enough to make updating them worthwhile. One of them was the Top 10 Lists. Despite the name, a Top 10 List was not restricted to just ten items. People could add more items as time went on. But at some point, I guess you could say, "these are the top ten entries that received the most votes".

What Fandom found when they did their review is that it wasn't being used as much as it could and devoting the time to modernize and fix the code would mean they couldn't work on other features. So they let us know that next week, they are going to be shut down.

I went through the lists that had been made here. At one time, there were a few people creating them, but only a couple got any activity. Most never had any votes. I guess they needed better promotion in order to attract more interest.

I decided to put the ones that did have voting activity into a picture so we could save them before they're gone. I added a few pictures to the voting choices that didn't have any, but otherwise, just did a screen capture of them.

But for the "Best Movies of 2012", I didn't want to take time to find a dozen pictures for them, so I'll just list the results here:

  1. Marvel's The Avengers -- 42 votes
  2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey -- 26 votes
  3. The Hunger Games -- 14 votes
  4. Skyfall -- 10 votes
  5. Django Unchained -- 4 votes
  6. The Amazing Spider-Man -- 4 votes
  7. VeggieTales: The League of Incredible Vegetables -- 3 votes
  8. Cloud Atlast -- 3 votes
  9. The Dark Knight Rises -- 3 votes
  10. Spirited Away -- 3 votes
  11. Skylanders Christmas -- 2 votes
  12. Source Code -- 2 votes
  13. National Treasure -- 1 vote
  14. Les Misérables -- 1 vote

And here's the rest of the Lists:

Best Film of 2011

Top 10 poll 1

Best Disney Film

Top 10 poll 2

Most Influential Character

Top 10 poll 3

At some point in the future, we may see a "top 10" feature become available again. There seems to be enough interest from what I read in the announcement blog over on Community Central. If it does, we'll take another look at maybe using them here.

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