220px-White Noise movie
The line separating the living from the dead has been crossed.
Directed By
Geoffrey Sax
Written By
Distributed By
Release Date
January 7, 2005
1 Hour And 41 Minutes
PG-13 (U.S.A.)
15 (U.K.)
14A (Ontario, Canada)
MA (Aulstralia) (DVD Rating)

White Noise is a 2005 American/British/Canadian film directed by Geoffrey Sax, written by Niall Johnson, and produced by Paul Brooks and Shawn Williamson. It is distributed by Universal Pictures and released on January 7, 2005 in theatres.

Plot SynopsisEdit

When the unexpected happens, architect Jonathan Rivers has become a grieving widower, wallowing in deep confusion over the death of his wife. But a paranormal expert approaches Jonathan with the unlikely: the ability to hear his wife from beyond the grave. Through a form of unusual communication known as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Jonathan will finally be able to see his wife. But in doing so, Jonathan has drawn himself into a much more complex situation when his curiosity becomes an obsession. Only that obsession will have him confront those not of this world, and some of them don't approve of Jonathan's interference with their destructive nature.


Selected quotesEdit

  • "You were outside my house and now you're outside my office, so do me a favor, don't insult my intelligence by telling me it's some sort of coincidence." - Michael Keaton as Jonathan Rivers.
  • "I am grateful for what you did, Mr. Rivers, my son wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, but now I'd like you to leave us alone." - Aaron Douglas as Frank Black.
  • "Listen to me. It is one thing to contact the dead, it is another thing to meddle, and you are meddling." - Keegan Connor Tracy as Mirabelle Keegan.


  • The recording used in the trailer that is attributed to Stanley Searles ("I love you.") is thought to be the "ghostly" voice of Searles himself, a former politician who died in 2002. The recording was said to have been made by Searles' daughter, an well-known EVP researcher named Karen Mossey.
  • The EVP recording from the trailer ("I will see you no more.") that is attributed to a woman named Ruth Baxter who died in 1987, is supposedly a recording from Point Lookout, a "haunted" lighthouse in Maryland, made by an EVP researcher named Sarah Estep. The lighthouse was used as a hospital during the Civil War and some interpretations of the recording believe it to say, "I was seeing the war," or "I was seeing the water." While the recording is said to be authentic by the AAEVP, the Ruth Baxter story is fiction.


  • The current IMDb user rating is 5.3 (out of 10) stars. [1]
  • The crtics' tomatometer, at RottenTomatoes, is 8%. The current user rating is 31%. [2]
  • The average user rating, at Metacritic, is 4.0 (out of 10) stars. [3]

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